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Our Focus Is Helping Seniors Live Well At Home

We believe that quality, effective healthcare provided in the home setting can be superiorly beneficial. Our approach is to tailor the care experience to the client and their family needs. Our vision begins with bringing the client home from a crowded hospital and providing individualized care in their own environment. This approach promotes an unstressed and relaxed methodology to allow for both emotional and physical healing that promotes superior outcomes according to client beliefs and choices.

Together with our elite, dedicated, and highly competent professionals, we work in unity to deliver medical excellence to your door.

What we offer our clients:

  • Highly skilled and professional staff 
  • Modern techniques and the latest technology are brought to your door
  • Evidence-based best practices in care delivery
  • Wide range of gold-standard services offered 
  • Coordinated and collaborative care with your physician, specialist, and hospital

True Touch Home Healthcare develops compassionate healthcare created collaboratively with the client and their family.  

True Touch Home Healthcare is a client-focused, licensed Home Health Agency that is accredited, insured, and staffed by highly competent, trusted professionals for your peace of mind. 

True Touch Home Healthcare commits to enabling clients to function at their optimum level of functionality. 

True Touch Home Healthcare is diligent in working with other participating healthcare providers to identify aspects of care that would help promote autonomy for our clients. 

True Touch Home Healthcare values its vision of tailored and individualized care in the home setting which promotes exceptional outcomes by enhancing our client’s quality of life while preserving human dignity. 

True Touch Home Healthcare believes in safe, effective, and research professionals who encourage our client’s well-being and independence. They go the extra mile to ensure our professional staff completes a rigid screening process that includes formal background checks and reference checks to ensure our team members are the best!

True Touch Home Healthcare adheres to the State of New Hampshire OPLC standards for licensure, the scope of practice, training, and continuing education requirements to ensure ongoing education and competency of our staff. 

True Touch Home Healthcare team members are clinically competent and undergo rigorous skills training to maintain the highest level of gold-standard expectations. 

True Touch Home Healthcare is proud to offer culturally competent care in their home setting, wherever that may be; private homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living centers, hospitals, or nursing homes.

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Exceptional Care

Clients First

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Compassionate Care Services

Our Home Care Aides will assist with client needs while providing an enjoyable companion and trusted support. Let the caregivers at True Touch Home Healthcare help make life easier. Tailoring your experience to your needs will help us provide many of the same treatments as a live-in care facility. 

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